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cello became popular in the year since 1993 but it  fell out of favor follwing relese of the browsers world wide web and Netscape

The development for Cello started 1992 with beta versions, and a release for July 1993.
 It was publicly announced in April 12, 1993.

logo of cello browser
Cello didn't utilize any of Mosaic's source code and thus had a different look and feel.

In the year of 1994, Steven Sinofsky, president of the Windows wrote an email to  the  cello:
"We do not currently plan on any other client software [in the upcoming release of Windows 95, especially something like Mosaic or Cello."
At the begining Cello was being downloaded at a rate of 500 copies per day
When released in 1993,
Cello was the only browser for the Microsoft Windows platform.
Shortly after launch,

By the year of   1999, Cello was considered to be a "historical" browser.  for the windows operating system

Cello had the following features:
  • Bookmarks
  • local browsing
  • Simpler interface (compared to Mosaic).
  • PostScript viewing and sound playing
  • File saving and printing
  • Editing support for local files via an external editor. Integration with the HTMLAssistant Windows-based HTML helper/editor.
  • File caching ad infinitum using a file-based cache with user-specified "low water mark".
  • Support for the full HTML and LATIN character set, including specialized legal symbols, foreign characters, etc.
  • User-selectable sound players, viewers, editorComprehensive online documentation in Windows Help format.
  • Simple user interface.                                                        
  • Fully extensible support for viewing downloaded files in an unlimited number of PC-binary file formats using the standard Windows Associate... scheme.


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Mosaic was the web browser which led to the Internet boom of the 1990s 

Development of Mosaic began in December 1992.
 Versions 0.1–0.9 were the first developed and released.
 Version 1.0 was released on April 22, 1993, followed by two maintenance releases during summer 1993.  Version 2.0 of NCSA Mosaic was released in December 1993, along with version 1.0 releases for both the Microsoft Windows.
An Acorn Archimedes port was underway in May 1994.[citation needed]

Microsoft bought the webbrowser from spyclass for 2million  $

Microsoft modified the spy glass and and renamed it as internet explorer of first vertion released in the market

There is an dispute arrise between microsoft and spyglass ,microsoft pays 8  millon u.s $..

                          TILL IE 6 THE PROGRAM  IS BASED ON"MOSAIC CODE"

*  In case for  Internet Explorer 7 were audited by Microsoft to ensure that it contained no Mosaic code, and there is no credits for spy glass and mosaic

                               There is hot thing present in  Mosaic was the first browser written and supported by a team of full-time programmers, which was reliable and easy enough for novices to install, and the inline graphics proved immensely appealing. Mosaic made the Web accessible to the ordinary person for the first time.

                   Ultimately, web browsers such as Mosaic became the killer applications of the 1990s because they were the first programs to provide a multimedia graphical user interface to the Internet's burgeoning wealth of distributed information services........

Mosaic's popularity of the mosaic loss when the release of Andreessen's Net scape navigator in the year-1994

there is another intresting thing -mosaic is written in c-language



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           The first webbrowser is WorldWideWeb 
 is developed in the year of 1990'S

the author of world wide web is the great Mr.Berners-Lee
The first vertion was released in the year 1990-december-25

           The world wide web is developed in just of  2 months and the coding written  in  c- program

            Later groff joind with berner and created and adapted many components in world wide web

* operating system suported--> neXTSTEP
           MOSAIC is web browser exceeds the popularity of world wide web browser browser which relesed in the year 1993, till that world wide web with holds the popularity  ..........

            In the month of APRIL -30 in the year 1993 CERN organisation  released the source code in net for the world wide web

snap 1: 

www browser has an previous button and next button it will automatically navigate the pages of front and back pages visited..........

On those days we dont have bookmarks for the website instead of bookmarks there is an link saver for the later retreavel purpose......

It can used in different protocals...FTP,HTTP,NTP

snap 2:
The www web browsers can be downloaded from the following link


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