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Apart from all these features you can also search for jobs, play Games, book your tickets, find map for different places and many extensions and other applications. You can also save some web snippets and make a collection of your own.

I can say that Epic is a fast, easy to use, great looking, safe and social web browser with Indian feel and sense. It is really my new friend. I can only open Epic and do all my tasks here in only one program. I would like to suggest all of my readers to try Epic. I am really proud that an Indian Company developed such an amazing product. Congratulation to Hidden Reflex team for their hard work behind Epic. For more features and complete details please go to Epic website

epic browser

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epic powered by mozilla

There arelots of Internet Browsers available , but  the Epic Browser is a bit different in the sense that it has been created specifically with Indians in mind.

The Epic India feature in Epic browser allows availing information related to India such as Regional, National and International news.
Epic India gives information about

1. Bollywood – Using the bollywood feature in Epic you can get all the information about your favorite bollywood actors.

2. Shopping –This will give you idea about latest offers in shops of India.

3. Local Events in India –These include exhibitions; programs or show in local places.

4. Videos –You can enjoy many videos using this feature.

5. Travel-This gives you information about tourist places in Indis.

6. Job Opportunities –Get information about latest jobs in your field using this feature.

7. Stock Market –Get all the information about stocks .

8.Cricket-Using this feature you can get latest cricket scores and updates.

it is the newest browser with the version of 1.1 (latest version)
Epic browser is the first ever Indian browser and the first product from the Indian software company Hidden Reflex. It is based on open source browser technology, Mozilla. So it is fast and reliable. It is available for download at Epic website and is completely free. It costs just a download of 10.6 MB and installs in just few minutes.

At the first look, I fell in love with Epic and surprised by its features. It has lots of features. Like Mozilla Firefox, it is easy to use and fast. If you have experience in using Mozilla then you can easily use Epic also. But Hidden Reflex has combined many small applications into the browser, which are really helpful. Here is the first look at the browser after installing it.

Epic Browser

In the lower right corner, you can see that there is a zoom tool to zoom the web pages you are viewing easily. On the left side of the browser you can find all the inbuilt applications.

Epic Features

There are lots of applications available in Epic. I think each application/ feature of Epic will require an entire article to describe properly. I have just installed it and exploring its features. Here are some features that I like most:

1. Epic India

Here you can find news items of all type. You can find English, Hindi, Cricket, Stock, Regional and even entertainment news. You can also view Live TV from few NDTV channels and also listen to online music from In.com. You can even play some news videos from different news channels.

Below is the screen shot of Live TV.

Epic TV

2. Epic Indic Text

Now write in your own language. You can write in many different regional languages like, Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, Gujarati, Urdu, Nepali and many more. Save them or use them in other applications like MS Word, etc. It also provides facility to enter Indic texts in the text boxes that appear in the web pages. Here you can see my name in Hindi.

Epic Indic

3. Epic Write

Another most use full tool in Epic is Epic Write. It is a word processor like MS Word with many advanced features. I have prepared this article in Epic Write. Here is the screen shot of Epic Write.

Epic Write

4. Epic AntiVirus

The most unique feature of Epic is the inbuilt ESET antivirus, that makes it, the first AntiVirus Browser. You can scan your entire system or some files from Epic Browser using the antivirus program. It also provides real time protection while browsing internet.

Epic has also a phishing filter powered by WOT.

5. Epic My Computer

Browse all your drives, file and folder directly inside the browser. No need to open Windows Explorer. You can even view hidden files and create or delete files, copy and paste like in Windows Explorer. Below is the snapshot:

Epic MyComp

6. Epic Timer and alerts

Epic also features a timer and alert system for you. Set your alarm and epic will alert you about all your important tasks as an alarm clock. You also get a stopwatch.

Epic Alert

7. Epic Skins

You will never find such a huge collection of skins for any browser. There are lot of category for skins. I like all of them. You can find skins of Freedom Fighters, Political parties and leaders, Skins for all the states, religion and the list is endless. You can even set these skins as your desktop wallpaper or even create your own Custom Theme.

To view a skin you only need to point on that particular skin. No need to apply it. Skin collection is based Indian Society and Culture. I am astonished to find such a wonderful collection of skins.

8. Go Social

Epic contains in built applications for Orkut, Facebook and Twitter and application for GMail and Yahoo. So it is also a social web browser.

9. Epic Backup

Epic can backup all your important files to GMail. you only need to have a GMail id.

10. Epic Video

Create playlist for all your favorite videos and watch them while browsing.

my first web tool

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my first basic web tool 
which consists of  basic options  like